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News / March 24, 2021

IWD Partner Spotlight: Asociación Gente Positiva


This month, as part of the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS)’s International Women’s Day celebration, we will be highlighting our global commitment to women’s empowerment and inclusion in political processes by recognizing the essential work of CEPPS partners dedicated to advancing women’s political participation. In this partner spotlight series, we are highlighting some of our local civil society partners around the world who are at the forefront of fighting for gender equality and inclusion.


This spotlight focuses on the work of Asociación Gente Positiva and the Office for Sexual and Gender Diversity of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.


Find Monica Estefania Club Caal’s spotlight video on YouTube below!

Tell us about yourself and your organization.


Monica Estefania Chub Caal, Departmental Coordinator of the Asociación Gente Positiva and the Office for Sexual and Gender Diversity of Alta Verapaz

My name is Monica Estefania Chub Caal and I am the Departmental Coordinator of the Asociación Gente Positiva and the Office for Sexual and Gender Diversity of Alta Verapaz. Our organization works to defend the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer (LGBTIQ +) of women, children, and people with HIV.

Briefly describe some of the main challenges to political participation that women face in your country.


In general, we guide and inform women, children, and people with HIV, ensuring that everyone’s human rights are protected; everyone’s without discrimination. The elimination of violence is very important, since all human beings have equal rights, and we must denounce all violence.

How is your organization working to address these challenges and to eliminate discrimination against women in your country?

Our organization provides advice and training on human rights not only to the LGBTQI+ community, but also to women and mothers who need support with their children due to medical reasons.  We denounce violence and encourage others to do so, as well, and seek to make the population understand the importance of considering all people as equal members of the community [regardless of gender or sexual identity].

How has COVID-19 affected women’s political participation in your country and how has your organization adapted to meet these needs?


COVID-19 affected the entire population, but disproportionately affected the lives of both cis and transgender women. In Alta Verapaz, the majority of women have lost their jobs, often due to their sexual identity or discrimination due to HIV status, leaving them in a vulnerable financial condition as an organization.  We have managed humanitarian aid such as providing food for those who have lost their jobs. Due to the remoteness of these communities and poverty, many of these women cannot access medical care or medicines, so we also provide medicine for those who need it.

What does gender equality mean to you and your organization?


Gender equality means that men and women must receive the same rights, benefits, and equal opportunities and be treated with the same respect in all aspects of daily life. No more inequality.

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