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News / October 14, 2021

Spotlight: Institute of Romani Culture in Albania


CEPPS is proud to highlight the work of our local sub-grant partners who work every day to increase inclusive participation in electoral and political processes and to increase the meaningful participation of marginalized individuals in electoral and political processes.

The Institute for Romani Culture in Albania (IRCA) amplifies the political voice of Roma communities through dialogue with local political officials to deliver a more transparent electoral process. Working with the most marginalized Roma minority in Albania is an uphill battle. The Roma in Albania have the most urgent and basic needs for food, shelter and access to healthcare. IRCA trains hardworking, motivated Roma with the necessary skills and tools in order to include the minority in electoral processes and increase their decision-making and democratic capacities.

Check out our spotlight video with Bledi Taho, Executive Director of the Institute of Romani Culture in Albania (IRCA)!



Find our full interview with Bledi here.

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