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News / October 17, 2023

CEPPS Core Partner IFES Teams up with Brazil’s TSE for an International Exchange of Information


CEPPS core partner, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), partnered with Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in August to convene the two-day exchange event “Preserving Information Integrity and Public Trust in Elections” with 28 participants from nine electoral management bodies (EMBs)—including 12 from the TSE—from five continents and one regional elections-focused civil society organization.

Representatives from EMBs, Brazil’s TSE and IFES discuss the need for electoral management bodies and democratic institutions to innovate to address disinformation threats.

The countries represented were Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico and Peru. Participants discussed the evolving challenges disinformation poses to elections and EMBs, as well as shared best practices and brainstormed solutions to common problems making use of their peers’ experiences and expertise.

Following these discussions, the TSE hosted a public panel facilitated by IFES and live-streamed on the TSE’s social media to share international perspectives on electoral disinformation topics and reflections from the exchange event.

TSE President Alexandre de Moraes and IFES Vice President for Global Strategy and Technical Leadership Chad Vickery delivered opening remarks, speaking about the need for electoral management bodies and democratic institutions to innovate in order to preserve democracy and the constitution. After the opening remarks, six representative EMBs took part in the discussion along with the TSE’s Secretary General José Levi, offering diverse perspectives and experiences and highlighting the importance of events such as these to promote collaboration and mutual learning to strengthen democratic institutions worldwide.

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