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News / January 27, 2021

iEXCEL Executive Curriculum


IFES’ iEXCEL Executive Curriculum helps electoral leaders develop the skills needed to deliver peaceful and fair elections in times of crisis, resist political manipulation, and foster institutional resilience and independence. The curriculum was developed to reflect lessons from past leaders who have shepherded elections through extraordinary times such as health crises and transitions of power.

Using the links below, hear directly from some of the exceptional leaders whose experiences helped shape the training, including:

Dr. Irena Hadžiabdić, who is confronting the rising tide of disinformation campaigns in elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

Lamin Lighe, who managed Liberia’s elections during the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa;

Bhojraj Pokharel, who led Nepal’s transitional elections following a decades-long, violent conflict; and

Charlotte Osei, who navigated an attack on the Ghanaian election commission’s website and oversaw Ghana’s third consecutive peaceful transfer of power since it became a democracy.

Find more information on the iEXCEL program:
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