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News / April 11, 2024

CEPPS Youth in Focus: World Press Freedom Day


Join CEPPS in commemorating World Press Freedom Day and learn how youth worldwide are fighting for press freedom and countering disinformation. 

In 2024, a record number of elections will take place around the world. During this pivotal moment for democracies, the panelists will explore the challenges to preventing freedom of the press and expression among youth, as well as their solutions. This webinar spotlights the experiences of young people from 3 countries as they fight for press freedoms and combat disinformation in their homelands.


Watch the full video now!


  • Darshatha Gamage (Sri Lanka)  
  • María Rosa Zury (Ecuador)
  • Pradip Khatiwada (Nepal)

Moderated by CEPPS Youth Advisory Council members Martin Loza (Ecuador) and Samantha Bagayas (Philippines).

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