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Sophia Toumbalakis
Senior Representative, NDI

Sophia Toumbalakis serves as the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) Senior Representative for NDI on the CEPPS Administration team.  In addition, she is the Director of Program Coordination for NDI, managing a team that serves as the primary point of contact to its donors on all agreement-related matters, including administering NDI’s global awards.

With a background in international development and grant administration, she has been working with NDI since 1999 and with CEPPS since 2001, engaging on the development and implementation of three iterations of global awards issued to CEPPS. Ms. Toumbalakis served as the CEPPS Deputy Administrative Director under CEPPS III, leading the process of reviewing, streamlining and revising CEPPS’ administrative procedures and policies to ensure more integrated, cohesive program implementation. In addition to Ms. Toumbalakis’ work on CEPPS, she worked on NDI’s Citizen Participation team, as well as on the MENA team, implementing programs in Jordan and Lebanon.