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David Sands
Senior Representative, IRI

David Sands serves as the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) Senior Representative for IRI on the CEPPS Administration team. With a background in MENA studies and international development, Mr. Sands has been working on CEPPS since 2015, and with IRI since 2007. He has extensive experience with MENA and global DRG programs, having served as the Director of Programs for Egypt and Libya, as well as Co-Chairing the Closing Spaces Community of practice for CALGI.

Prior to IRI, Mr. Sands served as an Arabic Media Analyst for the Rendon Group, and as a Fullbright fellow for the treatment of learning disabilities in the Arabic-speaking context. He holds a Master’s Degree in Arab Studies from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from Emory University