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CEPPS in Moldova

For more than 12 years CEPPS has helped Moldova strengthen and consolidate its democratic transition by establishing more participatory, transparent and accountable government processes.
CEPPS Overarching Goals:

CEPPS works with political parties, local elected officials and civil society to improve their responsiveness to citizen interests across Moldova, create opportunities for women and youth to be politically involved and increase transparent engagement with citizens. CEPPS also supports free and fair elections in Moldova through the presence of international observers.

CEPPS Approach:

To accomplish this goal, CEPPS helps political parties improve internal communication, financial transparency and outreach to citizens on local issues. With regular public opinion polling and targeted trainings, CEPPS assists parties as they develop issue-based campaigns to address citizen concerns. CEPPS also emphasizes the political importance of women, youth and other underrepresented groups by equipping them to exercise leadership in their party and hold public office.

At the local level, CEPPS creates opportunities for citizens to engage with their representatives and conduct advocacy on important community issues. CEPPS provides leadership training to women, youth and other civic activists, helping them to engage with local communities and advocate for their needs to government at the local and national level. CEPPS also guides local elected leaders through grassroots citizen outreach to instill a culture of two-way communication between local leaders and their constituents.

Whether for individual citizens or mayors, for emerging political movements or established national parties, CEPPS is present to promote accountability and responsiveness in the political process.

CEPPS Key Achievements in Moldova:

As a result of CEPPS’ work in Moldova, we:

  • Introduced listening tours connecting national party leaders with their regional branches. Listening tours have been widely adopted by several of Moldova’s major political parties and have informed party reforms to empower local party branches for citizen outreach.
  • Increased the frequency and accessibility of public financial reporting by political parties, thereby creating greater transparency in political finance and addressing a key complaint from citizens regarding Moldova’s political parties.
  • Conducted comprehensive election assessments and observation missions to promote the integrity of Moldova’s elections, including more than 1000 meetings with election officials, candidates, representatives of media and civil society, citizens and local elected officials.
  • Helped local elected leaders directly reach more than 240,000 Moldovans to identify more than 165 issues among diverse communities of their constituents and utilize their public office to resolve those issues.
  • Trained hundreds of women and young Moldovans in leadership skills to empower them to run for office as well as lead and support local and national level campaigns to advocate for the issues identified by marginalized communities in Moldova.
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