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CEPPS in Guyana

Since 2013, CEPPS has been working in Guyana to strengthen youth participation in political processes and governance.
CEPPS Overarching Goals:

CEPPS works to encourage youth participation in political processes and governance by informing Guyanese youth on the importance of election participation and citizen representation while providing them with the resources and tools to advocate for key reforms that impact their demographic.

CEPPS Approach:

Strengthening Youth-Focused Civil Society Organizations:

To empower local CSOs to increase youth participation in political processes, CEPPS works with local youth-led civil society organizations to identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop targeted training modules to increase their organizational capacity. This encourages CSO’s to diversify programming, increase the potential impact, and reach a greater number of youth in Guyana. For example, trainings on advocacy campaigns helped a local partner to effectively conduct a nationwide civic and voter education campaign to increase youth participation in the electoral process. 

Expanding Political Inclusion of Marginalized Groups:

Communities thrive when all members of society have access to social resources and government services. To ensure meaningful inclusion of marginalized groups, CEPPS’s technical approach includes: 

  • Gender analysis that applies to all aspects of its programming; 
  • Identification of barriers to group participation and inclusion; 
  • A dual approach using targeted and mainstream interventions to overcome barriers; 
  • Checks to ensure gender responsiveness throughout program design, implementation, and evaluation. CEPPS provided trainings to each local partner on diversity and inclusion, stressing the need for partners to ensure a gender and ethnicity balance when conducting programming. Partners then disaggregated their data by gender to ensure quality control on inclusivity. 

CEPPS Key Achievements in Guyana:

CEPPS increases Guyanese awareness of the democratic and electoral processes  

  • In 2013, CEPPS produced 16 episodes of “This Week in Parliament,” a television program that provided information to citizens on legislation and issues before the 10th Parliament of Guyana. 
  • CEPPS reached hundreds of thousands of people through local partner Guyana National Youth Council’s voter education campaigns;
    • “#VoteLikeABossin 2015 (estimated 250,00 people) and
    • “#InkItUp” in 2020 (estimated 250,700 people).

CEPPS strengthens Guyana’s youth civil society sector 

  • In 2020, CEPPS conducted training targeting two youth CSOs in Guyana, providing them training to implement voter and civic education campaigns aimed at youth. 
  • In 2013, CEPPS partnered with youth CSO’s to provide them with training to conduct nationwide voter education campaigns and election observation. 
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